Beer goggles behind the (former) iron curtain – Beer Warrior visit Prague.

A constant stream of waiters travel back and forth with huge wooden trays held aloft. Some are ferrying empty glasses back into the dark interior of the pub, some are weighted down with bowls of goulash and beer cheese, but the one we are most interested in is the bloke bringing our order. Eight glasses of dark foaming beer, a black lager that has been brewed on the site for centuries.

Such was the scene as we sat around a long table in a small alcove off one of the many courtyards that make up the labyrinth that is U Fleků. The pub is very famous and although it is a bit of a tourist trap it is well worth a visit.

As we sat supping this traditional Prague brew on a warm sunny April afternoon in this (albeit partially mock) medieval setting, the real world seemed almost like a distant memory, and it was with great reluctance that we left the place a while later.

After we had freshened up back at our very modern hotel, the eight of us rendezvoused in the lobby and headed off into the wonderful Old Town section of the city. Our destination a back street beer hall who’s name we have all forgotten U Vaj.. something or other.

The previous night we had finished off our evenings drinking in the small street bar of this establishment. Beyond this though, down a wide flight of stairs, there is a much bigger room and this is where we found ourselves tonight.

Enthusiastic waiters greeted us and despite the place being packed to the rafters they managed to seat all of us and we ordered our evening meals. Now it has to be said that traditional Czech food leaves a lot to be desired but when in Rome (or Prague)

After the meal we were moved to a more comfortable location in the pub and given our own waiter who looked after us for the rest of what was a very enjoyable night.

The beer on sale here is a more familiar one to us in the UK Pilsner Uquell. For more information visit: http://www.prazdroj.cz/eng/ This site also features other beers that we sampled in Prague; Gambrinus and Radagast. We finished the night off in one of our hotels bars with a glass of Budvar and planned the next day.

One of the tourist places that we found ourselves at the next day was Strahov Monastry and while we were waiting for it to open we explored the surrounding area.

We didn’t have to walk far before we struck gold black gold to be precise a bar called Kltern Restaurace A Pivovar, with a micro brewery on site brewing a strong black lager, St Norbert (14).

After a couple of large ones and some beer cheese (an overpowering concoction of cheese, garlic, herbs and presumably beer that gave you breath to strip paint with) we were ready for anything.

Unfortunately Saturday night in Prague is full of stag parties and all the bars all full to bursting so we ended up back at the hotel for a quiet relaxed drink or six.

Three days were no where near long enough to explore this beautiful city and Sarah & I at least, hope to return there one day


Beer Warrior in Prague was Bobcat

July ’02