Boycott Marston’s? 10

After Marston’s MD, Stephen Oliver’s unwarrented outburst about CAMRA members, SIBA and even their own licensees, I think we should boycott Marston’s beers.

His article in the pub trade paper The Morning Advertiser, entitled ‘It’s hard to keep the gobby hobbits happy’ calls CAMRA members ‘beardy weirdies’ hohoho, how original, and ‘sandal-clad, whisker-stroking stormtroopers’. Stormtroopers!!!

He also describes micro’s as ‘oddball’ and infers that SIBA are not ‘serious’ brewers, has a dig at Marston’s own licensees and customers for demanding more choice and ends with another snipe at CAMRA members saying “to show that to enjoy cask ale you don’t have to have mislaid your razor, wear socks with your sandals or to have a beer gut the size of Rotherham”.

I think this is outrageous from somebody in such a high position and as such, I will now boycott beers from the Marston’s camp. I suggest ‘serious drinkers’ do the same until an apology is given.

You can see the full article here and you can register your complaint here.

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