Cider List

Cider List 2024

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Cask NoProducerLocationCider NameABVDescriptionTypeStyle
1Ampleforth AbbeyNorth YorkshireTraditional6.5%If you're a traditional cider fan, this is for you. The cider is light, refreshing and easy drinking.CiderMedium Dry
2BroadoakSomersetMoonshine7.5%A medium crisp refreshing premium strong cider.CiderMedium Sweet
3BroadoakSomersetPerry7.5%Sweet but incredibly refreshing with a glorious pear aroma.PerrySweet
4Celtic MarchesHerefordshireLily The Pink4.5%Medium fruity cider with an amazing pink colourCiderMedium
5Celtic MarchesHerefordshireRuby Tuesday Raspberry4.0%Ruby Tuesday has a rich red raspberry blush and is bursting with the taste of raspberries. FruitMedium
6Celtic MarchesHerefordshireSlack Alice 4.6%Slack by name but not in flavour. This is a well-rounded cider with a moreish sharpness and very slight tart finish.CiderMedium
7Celtic MarchesHerefordshireThundering Molly5.2%Made from Herefordshire cider apples, Molly is a meticulously balanced cider with a golden glow. Smooth, well rounded with a wonderful apple nose.CiderMedium
8Daisy Farm
NottinghamshireDry Cider6.0%A traditional farmhouse still cider. Blended Daisy Farm apple varieties give a good sharp apple kick.CiderDry
9Daisy Farm
NottinghamshirePlum Cider6.0%A medium still cider created from Daisy Farm apple varieties, with just a hint of home grown summer plum to create a refreshing fruity tipple.FruitMedium
10Daisy Farm
NottinghamshireSweet Cider6.0%A traditional farmhouse cider from Daisy Farm apple varieties with a sweetened edge to allow for a softer apple taste.CiderSweet
11Dorset NectarDorsetDabinett Organic5.8%Single variety cider made with organically grown dabinett apples.CiderMedium Dry
12Dudda's TunKentSweet Apple5.5%Produced from 100% fresh pressed English apples from the heart of the Garden of England. Sweet, smooth and pale gold colour with delicious fresh apple flavour.CiderSweet
13DunkertonsGloucestershireDry Organic6.8%Dry cider made from 100% whole pressed organic apples and hand crafted with up to 14 carefully blended cider apple varieties.CiderDry
14Farmer Jim's CiderDevonApple Red8.4%Cider made with succulent dessert apples giving it a deep red colour - deceptively strong!CiderMedium
15GwatkinHerefordshireRed Diesel (Strawberry)4.0%A delicious cider blended with strawberry juice to create a sweet refreshing drink.FruitMedium Sweet
16Gwynt Y DdraigWalesBlack Dragon
7.2%A medium dry cider that is rich in colour, flavour and body. This special reserve cider has been crafted exclusively by Gwynt's chief cider maker to a secret recipe.CiderMedium Dry
17Gwynt Y DdraigWalesHappy Daze4.5%A smooth cider with a fresh tasting finish. It's light and very easy to drink.CiderMedium
18Gwynt Y DdraigWalesTwo Trees Perry4.5%A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate. PerryMedium Sweet
19HalletsWalesHeartbreaker7.0%Dry traditional cider with a smooth finish made with locally grown apples.CiderDry
20Mr Whitehead'sHampshireToffee Apple4.0%A sweet cider blended from dessert and cider apple varieties, gently infused with toffee to give a deep caramel aroma. A toffee apple without the crunch.FruitMedium Sweet
21Newton CourtHerefordshireFirst Press4.8%This cider uses old fashioned eating apple varieties such as Cox and Russet to create a lighter, fruitier style of cider.CiderMedium Sweet
22Newton CourtHerefordshirePanting Partridge Perry5.3%An organic perry with a juicy pear taste and delicate wine finish.  Panting Partridge was awarded first place in the West Midlands Cider & Perry competition 2023. PerryMedium
23Newton CourtHerefordshireYarlington Mill6.1%Single variety apples pressed on the farm with strong biodiversity and organic links.CiderMedium
24SeaciderSussexBlood Orange4.0%Made with blood oranges blended with Seacider medium cider - refreshing and packed with flavour.FruitMedium
25SeaciderSussexHard Core Cider7.3%A full bodied dry cider with a complex punchy apple aroma.CiderDry
26SeaciderSussexLemon Meringue Pie4.0%A genuine taste of lemon meringue made from lemons and apples - creating a delicious lemony cider.FruitSweet
27SeaciderSussexWhite Peach4.0%A fruity and refreshing blend of medium cider with peach juice.FruitMedium
28Snails BankHerefordshireGinger & Apple4.0%A clear and refreshing medium cider pepped up with freshly ground root ginger for a fiery kick!FruitMedium
29Snails BankHerefordshireRhubarb4.0%Real apple cider with tart rhubarb blended with vanillaFruitSweet
30StingNottinghamshireTipsy Marian6.8%This strong, slightly cloudy cider is not to be taken lightly.CiderDry
31StingNottinghamshireTuck's Tipple4.7%This scrumptious premium medium cider is rich in fruity aromas and ripe apple flavours. A blend of bitter sweat and desert apples carefully selected for their delicious mellow taste.CiderMedium
32Thirsty Farmer NottinghamshireBlackcurrant4.0%A wonderfully sweet cider with fresh apple taste mixed with juicy vibrant blackcurrants to give it an enriching blackcurrant flavourFruitSweet
33Thirsty Farmer NottinghamshireLemon and Lime4.0%Sweet and zesty lemon and lime are blended with traditional long fermented cider to create a refreshing, thirst-quenching drink with a light tangy aroma. FruitSweet
34Thirsty Farmer NottinghamshireMango4.0%Smooth tasting tropical Mango is mixed with juicy bittersweet apples creating an exciting blend of cider with hints of lemon and sweet after tones on the palate.FruitSweet
35Thirsty Farmer NottinghamshireOrange & Pineapple4.0%A taste of summer in a glass! Packed full of oranges & pineapples mixed with a thirst quenching special blend of cider apples. Slightly orange in colour with a fragrant citrusy aroma.FruitSweet
36Thirsty Farmer NottinghamshireTraditional Dry 5.5%A traditional long fermented, still cider, rich amber in colour and slightly cloudy with a rich, ripe apple scent and a crisp, sharp finish.CiderDry
37Thirsty Farmer NottinghamshireTraditional Sweet5.5%A traditional long fermented, still farmhouse cider, amber in colour and slightly hazy with a rich, ripe apple scent, a crisp but sweet finish.
38Tutts ClumpBerkshireTraditional Farmhouse6.0%This crisps refreshing cider is made from a variety of eating and cooking apples.CiderMedium Dry