Beer List

Beer List 2024

Any last minute changes will be published here. Casks numbers prefixed with the letter R are reserves and may not be available.

Cask NoBreweryLocationBeer Name%DescriptionColour
13 BrewersHatfield, HertsIPA4.6%Golden colour with an orange tint, brewed with five hops from the UK and USA and fermented longer to give a clean and dry finish.Gold/Amber
23 BrewersHatfield, HertsBlonde4.2%Brewed with a big pile of Mosaic hops giving the beer a wonderful hoppy aroma and a refreshing smack of fruity citrussy flavours.Pale/Straw
34T'sWarrington, CheshirePolaris Azacca Missile3.9%Golden ale, clean but gentle bitterness with a hint of sweetness from Crystal malts. A punch of citrus and tropical aromas from the late and dry additions of Azacca hops to finish. Gold/Amber
44T'sWarrington, CheshireBusman's Gold4.0%Citra golden ale, slight grapefruit notes with a dry finish.Gold/Amber
5AitherMansfield Woodhouse, NottsEquinox3.8%A classic pale ale with subtle fruity aroma coming from the hops.Pale/Straw
6AitherMansfield Woodhouse, NottsAurora5.0%Premium dry stout, very malty but dry with a hint of sweetness in the finish and perfectly hopped.Dark/Black
7AldwarkMatlock, DerbyshireRavern4.9%A strong and robust stout. Subtle and well balanced notes of coffee, liquorice and chocolate.Dark/Black
8AldwarkMatlock, DerbyshireEight Million4.5%A light, hoppy pale ale with fruity undertones and a smooth bitter style. Brewed in memory of all the horses lost in World War 1.Pale/Straw
9Alter EgoAlfreton, DerbyshireKlive The Kraken5.0%Hazy pale hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Mosaic.Pale/Straw
10Alter EgoAlfreton, DerbyshireIncognito5.8%A West Coast style IPA hopped with Centennial and backed up by Mosaic. Expect citrus and pine in abundance.Pale/Straw
11AshoverClay Cross, DerbyshireLiquorice5.0%A smooth stout with a soft after taste. Infused with liquorice root for an extra aniseed hit.Dark/Black
12AshoverClay Cross, DerbyshireZoo5.5%Brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops, this strong American pale ale is certified to bring a fresh and fruity taste with a bitter finish.Gold/Amber
13Bang the ElephantLangley Mill, DerbyshireGrumpy Nutts6.0%Chocolate hazelnut stout, rich and full of flavour. Described on Untapped as Nutella in a glass.Dark/Black
14Bang the ElephantLangley Mill, DerbyshireCruising For A Bruising5.4%Pacific Pale AlePale/Straw
15BeartownCongleton, StaffsSchrödinger's Bear3.4%Brand new super session pale made with single Mosaic for a clean crisp but full finish.Pale/Straw
16BeermatsWinkburn, NottsOsmatic5.0%Moreish orange to amber coloured bitter with fruity undertones and a sharp bitter bite to finish.Gold/Amber
17BeermatsWinkburn, NottsDark Matter4.9%American style stout, sweet finish with roasted malts meets a fist full of hops for a fresh aroma.Dark/Black
R18BeermatsWinkburn, NottsHazmat4.0%Session IPA bursting with mango flavour & tropical lemon aroma, finished with a crisp citrus aftertaste.Pale/Straw
R19BeermatsWinkburn, NottsCharismatic3.8%Amber session ale, light and refreshing with a classic bitter finish. Filtered with vegan friendly finings.Gold/Amber
20Ben's BreweryChorley, LancsArawak3.8%Crisp citrus pale ale. Punchy citrus flavours, biscuity malt base, easy drinking beer.Pale/Straw
21Ben's BreweryChorley, LancsMean Old Bastard5.7%A roast malt backbone with coffee coming through. A dry finish with a hint of chocolate and coffee.Dark/Black
22Blue MonkeyGiltbrook, NottsCinder Toffee Stout5.0%A rich full-bodied stout with huge toffee aromas and delicious caramel undertones lingering nicely on the tongue, a Crunchie in a glass.Dark/Black
23Blue MonkeyGiltbrook, NottsChocolate Amaretto Stout4.9%Brewed with 7 different speciality malts including Chocolate malt and oats for the beautiful creamy mouthfeel. Then conditioned with organic chocolate and Madagascan vanilla to deliver a sweet dessert stout. Dark/Black
R24Blue MonkeyGiltbrook, NottsMarmoset3.6%A highly hopped pale ale, bittered with Magnum and flavoured with Citra hops to give beautiful tropical flavours.Pale/Straw
R25Blue MonkeyGiltbrook, NottsPrimate4.0%A traditional amber bitter with a smooth creamy head. Aroma of mellow chocolate & caramel, a quaffable session ale with a soft lingering bitterness to finish. Copper/Mid Brown
26BowlandsClitheroe, LancsPheasant Plucker3.6%Smooth palate, reasonably fine carbonation. Sweet pale malts, touch of honey. Ripeish citrus, floral. Light semi dry finish.Copper/Mid Brown
27BowlandsClitheroe, LancsBuster IPA4.5%Well balanced light ale with tropical undertones. Hoppy, spiced berries & toffee tastes with a long tangy finish.Pale/Straw
28Bowler'sDeeping Gate, CambsSundance4.5%A refreshing and fruity summer ale loaded with Galaxy hops.Gold/Amber
29Bowler'sDeeping Gate, CambsSmoke,not a Porter5.5%Based upon the classic German Rauchbier, this dark lager style beer incorporates Barley malt smoked over beech wood to provide a characteristic flavour reminiscent of smoked ham and bonfires.Copper/Mid Brown
30Bristol Beer FactoryBristolEverytime3.8%Kicking off with BBF house blend Cryo Pop and HBC 586 for pure new-wave tropical and stone fruit goodness.Gold/Amber
31BuntingfordRoyston, HertsPolar Star4.4%A single American hop, giving a splash of pink grapefruit and a gentle smoky finish.Pale/Straw
32BuntingfordRoyston, HertsOatmeal Stout4.4%A smooth drinking stout to shout about, giving notes of treacle, black coffee…one sugar. Very mild acidity on the back end, teasing of lime.Dark/Black
33Burning SoulBirmingham, West MidsMild Obsession3.9%Old school mild, satisfying body, hints of fruit, toffee and caramel.Dark/Black
34Burning SoulBirmingham, West MidsLost in Paradise4.2%Light session pale ale hopped with a blend of oily UK hops and fruity American Amarillo and Mosaic hops.Gold/Amber
35BuxtonBuxton, DerbyshireOver Exposed4.8%A proper American pale ale packed with Centennial, Chinook and Cascade hops.Pale/Straw
36BuxtonBuxton, DerbyshireMonsal Mild4.5%Dark and characterful, boasts delicious malty and chocolate flavours, all carefully balanced by a light and gentle bitterness.Dark/Black
37Castle RockNottinghamSunshine After The Rain4.2%NZ hops Nelson Sauvin & Motueka give white wine & gooseberry flavours with a thirst-quenching citrus finish.Pale/Straw
38Castle RockNottinghamHyperfocus4.1%Citra, Mosaic & Idaho 7 hops give tropical aromas of papaya and passionfruit flecked with notes of grapefruit and resinous pine.Gold/Amber
39Castle Rock/OssettNottinghamSolidarity4.3%Pale copper West Coast style IPA with Citra & Ekuanot hops giving a robust bitterness and aromas of citrus and tropical fruits.Gold/Amber
40Cat AsylumCollingham, NottsCascade Pale4.2%Pale ale uses YQ wheat, grown in Lincolnshire for a smooth mouthfeel and 100% Cascade hops for citrus and pineapple flavoursGold/Amber
41Cat AsylumCollingham, NottsDark lager5.3%An old Bamberg recipe from the now closed Hofbräu brewery. Deep mahogany colour and with hints of cocoa, toffee and Perle hop bitterness.Dark/Black
42CavemanDartford, KentChinook4.3%Initially quite dry and malty with an apricot note, then a zingy, dry grapefruit pith flavour cleanses the palate thoroughly.Gold/Amber
43CollyfobbleBarlow, DerbyshireBarlow Sesh4.2%A fruity session IPA with Mosaic hops delivering tropical fruit and fresh blueberry characteristics. Brewed with slightly hazy UK yeast!Pale/Straw
44CollyfobbleBarlow, Derbyshire'Sup Wiyo4.3%An easy-drinking pale ale with floral notes complemented by a smooth, gentle bitterness. Brewed with Admiral and Cascade hops.Pale/Straw
45CollyfobbleBarlow, DerbyshireGrindleford Grit4.1%A pale ale with a stripped-back malt bill to showcase the indomitable New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hop, with flavours of gooseberry & white wine.Pale/Straw
46Darkland Indie BrewHalifax, West YorksBlockhead4.7%Floral and fruity, hazy with tropical fruity flavours.Pale/Straw
47Deeply ValeBury, Greater ManchesterWhite Wolf3.8%Pale and hoppy, hints of citrus.Pale/Straw
48Deeply ValeBury, Greater ManchesterOptimum4.2%Classic golden best bitter. Well balanced using the finest malt and hops. With a satisfying bitterness and a slight caramel taste topped off with a subtle aroma of tropical fruit notes.Gold/Amber
49Dow BridgeLutterworth, LeicsAcris3.8%Classic session bitter, packed with flavour. Dry hopped with Goldings.Copper/Mid Brown
50EnvilleStourbridge, West MidsGinger4.6%Produced using ginger root extract this ingeniously created ginger beer has a flavour which is not overpowering and is very refreshing.Gold/Amber
51EnvilleStourbridge, West MidsWhite4.2%This very pale straw coloured beer is brewed with wheat, has a gentle hop aroma and a dry finish.Pale/Straw
52ExmoorWiveliscombe, SomersetCheese Burger Chaser II4.0%Aromas and flavours of pineapple and grapefruit, hints of malt and pine with slight malt and caramel.Gold/Amber
53FaunaArundel, West SussexTree Planter3.4%A versatile, British session IPA with Olicana and First Gold hops. Complex bitterness with floral, fruity notes of grapefruit.Pale/Straw
54Fixed WheelBlackheath, West MidsCentury Gold4.0%A bright golden ale brewed with Maris Otter, Lager malt and wheat. With Magnum, Centennial and Citra hops, giving layers of citrus and lemon.Gold/Amber
55Fixed WheelBlackheath, West MidsTop Ganna4.5%Refreshing tropical pale ale, bold tropical fruits of pineapple and mango. Pale/Straw
56FowndKidderminster, WorcsOort Cloud Mariner4.2%West Coast IPA, Amarillo and Mosaic hops, gives this beer bold tropical fruit and citrus flavours.Pale/Straw
57FowndKidderminster, WorcsKing Korvak's Porter5.4%Champion porter. Smooth, rich with roast and chocolate flavours. Dark/Black
58Front RowBrindley Ford, StaffsTry4.2%A best bitter with Fuggles and Goldings hops and jaggery goor (unrefined palm sugar).Copper/Mid Brown
59Front RowBrindley Ford, StaffsArise Sir Kevin4.3%A Nectaron and Citra pale ale brewed in tribute to Kevin Sinfield. Donations made to MND research for each cask sold.Pale/Straw
60FrothblowersErdington, West MidsPiffle Snonker3.8%A pale ale with a floral nose, slightly sweet with a bitter finish. Brewed with Cascade hops.Pale/Straw
61FrothblowersErdington, West MidsBarking Mad4.2%Made with the best Extra-Pale malt to allow for the addition of enough Citra hop to achieve maximum hop delight on the taste-buds without overwhelming them.Pale/Straw
62Green DuckStourbridge, West MidsLandslide4.4%Citra and a teeny tiny amount of Sabro, brings about a beer that is loaded with fresh tropical hoppy notes.Pale/Straw
63Green DuckStourbridge, West MidsRiptide4.5%Ekuanot and Cascade come together with plenty of lemon and fruitiness.Pale/Straw
64HerefordHereford, HerefordshireOwd Bull3.9%Pleasant hoppy bitter aroma. Good mouthfeel. Nice bitter tasting - good finish.Gold/Amber
65HerefordHereford, HerefordshireKnights Templar4.8%Crisp hop with zesty marmalade flavours and full malty body.Gold/Amber
66Hop KettleSwindon, WiltsElement4.2%Fruity hoppiness in aroma with fresh malts. Zesty peel, spiced fruits. A finish of smoked spiciness, citrus and a little bitterness.Pale/Straw
67Hop KettleSwindon, WiltsWestern Star4.5%Hints of dark caramel, honey and rye spice, with a West Coast US hop character, Simcoe and Amarillo hops, stone fruit and orange citrus notes.Copper/Mid Brown
68Hop ShedStuckley, WorcSebright3.8%A straw-coloured ale with fruity hop aromas and flavours from Endeavour and First Gold hops.Pale/Straw
69Hop ShedStuckley, WorcBuckeye4.3%Six fine English malts & three local hops combine to create a super smooth chestnut beer with roasted malt flavours and fruity notes.Copper/Mid Brown
70HopshackleMarket Deeping, CambsSimarillo3.8%A golden ale with aromas of citrus and soft fruits and tangy flavours of grapefruit with blackberry, plum and pineapple in the background.Gold/Amber
71HopshackleMarket Deeping, CambsPale Ale4.2%Amber gold in colour, this pale ale has a fruity zesty aroma that fills the glass. The American hops, Citra and Amarillo, initially give a citrus burst of flavour followed by gooseberry and lychee and a dry bitter finish.Pale/Straw
72InfinityMaypole, West MidsShift4.5%A 'no coast' style IPA with a defined bitterness and fruit hop aromas with a bit of spice.Pale/Straw
73InfinityMaypole, West MidsWander5.3%A rich and delicious pecan & maple flavour stout.Dark/Black
74Isle of PurbeckStudland, DorsetJurrassic Joule5.0%Fresh hop aroma. A wonderful balance of Pale, Cara and Crystal malts all blend for a perfectly smooth and deliciously quaffable ale.Gold/Amber
75JacarandaSouthwell, NottsWagtail4.2%A session pale ale brewed with the addition of oats & wheat for a soft mouthfeel and a smattering of American hops for a delicate citrus flavour.Pale/Straw
76JacarandaSouthwell, NottsRavens Congress4.8%A classic porter with notes of coffee & chocolate from the dark malts, and fruitiness from the hops. Smooth & satisfying.Dark/Black
77Kings CliffeKing's Cliffe, Peterborough66 Degrees4.6%Copper coloured ale, brewed with Slovenian and American hops.Copper/Mid Brown
78Kings CliffeKing's Cliffe, PeterboroughB54.6%A light and golden ale with a citrus palate and lemony twist.Gold/Amber
79KinverKinver, StaffsHey Ho Let's Go (to the pub)4.8%A pale refreshing ale, brewed with Pilot hops...flying without wings!Pale/Straw
80KinverKinver, StaffsWitchfinder General5.5%A collaboration brew with Witchfinder General guitarist Phil Cope. It’s dark and heavy - just like the band!Dark/Black
81KinverKinver, StaffsKhyber5.8%A true-to-style strong and bitter IPA brewed with Centennial hops.Gold/Amber
82Little BrewingLittleover, DerbyshirePanther4.1%A rich smooth warming stout with hints of coffee, chocolate and Irish whiskey, a very drinkable dark beer. Dark/Black
83Little BrewingLittleover, DerbyshireHush4.4%Bursting with fruity hops and oozing with flavour. Mosaic, Cascade and Ekuanot hops.Pale/Straw
84Little BrewingLittleover, DerbyshireLone Ranger Cascade4.7%Fresh single hopped pale, thirst-quenching.Pale/Straw
85LymestoneStone, StaffsEin Stein5.0%Maris Otter malts and fresh Hersbrucker hops seduce the taste buds, educating and enlightening the palate.Gold/Amber
86LymestoneStone, StaffsCherry Stone5.2%Biscuit pale malts provide the backdrop for this sumptuous fruit beer. Amoretti cherries and Styrian Golding hops delicately combine in an autumn harvest.Pale/Straw
87Mile TreePeterboroughRolling Mile3.9%Balanced pale copper coloured bitter, brewed with biscuit malt which provides a fruity and slightly spicy malt body with a soft lingering finish.Copper/Mid Brown
88Mile TreePeterboroughCitra Blonde4.3%Refreshing blonde ale with subtle hints of melon and a clean light lemon hop flavour.Pale/Straw
89MilestoneCromwell, NottinghamshireBrewers Buer3.4%Light and refreshing. Good body with hints of peach and melon from the Vista and Nectaron hops.Pale/Straw
90MilestoneCromwell, NottinghamshireNewark Castle4.5%Nutty brown ale with winter berry notes and a crisp bitter finish.Copper/Mid Brown
91MilestoneCromwell, NottinghamshirePacific Islander5.0%Naturally hazy southern hemisphere forward hopped pale ale with tropical fruitiness.Pale/Straw
R92MilestoneCromwell, NottinghamshireDoilem4.5%Craft beer style, light tropical fruit flavours of mango, papaya and pineapple with a crisp hop finish. Naturally hazy.Pale/Straw
R93MilestoneCromwell, NottinghamshireFletcher5.2%New Zealand hopped premium pale gold beer with a big citrus hit. Pale/Straw
94MunyardLouth, LincsPatchwork3.9%Maris Otter malts and Mosaic hops create this hop forward session ale with citrussy floral flavours and aroma.Pale/Straw
95North CotswoldShipston-on-Stour,WarksFosseway Flanker3.8%Nose is grass, herb, biscuit and light fruit esters. Taste comprises light caramel straw. Medium bodied, soft carbonation with a crisp drying finish.Gold/Amber
96North RidingSnainton, North YorksRecord Revive Ale4.0%Centennial and Citra hopped pale ale, a collaboration with a record shop in Scarborough! Pale/Straw
97PapworthEarith, CambsRed Kite4.5%Well balanced with four different malts and a long, strong hop finish, bursting with tropical fruit flavours from the gratuitous overuse of hops.Copper/Mid Brown
98PapworthEarith, CambsRobin Goodfellow5.4%Heavy and complex malts softened with dark fruit flavours, leading to a distinct velvety hop finish.Dark/Black
99Parker BrewerySouthport, MerseysideCenturion Pale3.9%A light refreshing ale with zingy zesty fruit flavours. A crisp and dry ale with a hoppy finish.Pale/Straw
100Parker BrewerySouthport, MerseysideViking Blonde4.7%A delightful blonde ale with subtle hints of blackcurrant leaf and red summer berry fruit flavours, with a refreshing full crisp finish.Gold/Amber
101PheasantryEast Markham, NottsAmerican IPA4.3%Powerful American hops give this pale ale floral and citrus notes.Gold/Amber
102PheasantryEast Markham, NottsS1ngle Hop Willamette4.5%A pale ale using only Willamette hops giving floral, fruity, earthy and spicy flavours.Pale/Straw
R103PheasantryEast Markham, NottsExcitra4.5%Bright golden orange with a pungent punch and an expeditious use of the Citra hop.Gold/Amber
R104PheasantryEast Markham, NottsDancing Dragonfly5.0%The palest golden beer packed with peachy, exotic fruit flavours.Pale/Straw
105Plan BNewport, ShropsNPA4.4%Slightly spicy, hoppy flavour with a medium body. Aroma of pale malts, lightly floral. Taste presents a biscuity bitter malt character.Pale/Straw
106Plan BNewport, ShropsBlack  IPA5.0%Rich roasty notes to this from the start, some liquorice, some roasted nutty notes. There are citrussy hops with a hint of tropical fruits.Dark/Black
107Red Rose BreweryBlackburn, LancsIllusions in G major3.8%Session IPA brewed with Eldorado hops, crisp, fresh, light and easy drinking American style IPA .Pale/Straw
108Red Rose BreweryBlackburn, LancsJester4.3%A punchy aroma of new world proportions with a delicate flavour of grapefruit and tropical fruits.Pale/Straw
109RedemptionTottenham, North LondonTrinity3.0%Brewed with three malts and three hops. Seville orange aromas and the initial malt sweetness is dominated by citrus flavours which explode on the palate.Pale/Straw
110RedemptionTottenham, North LondonBig Chief5.5%Big hoppy IPA style beer, packed full of Kiwi hops with hints of honey and nectar and plenty of tropical citrus and floral notes.Gold/Amber
111SalopianHadnall, ShropsIn Through The Out Door4.0%A riotous aroma of heady fruit combined with zippy flavours of tropical fruit and citrus.Gold/Amber
112Sarah HughesDudley, West MidsSurprise5.0%A golden premium ale brewed with Maris Otter and hopped with Goldings to give the beer a hoppy bitter taste with a malty body and sweet finish. Copper/Mid Brown
113Sarah HughesDudley, West MidsDark Ruby Mild6.0%Dark ruby mild combines a balance of intense colour and flavour, making it an award winning festival favourite.Dark/Black
114SilhillBirmingham, West MidsGold Star3.9%Four different grains, the UK’s finest Goldings hops and the sweet kiss of honey collected from local bee hives which come together to add a special buzz to the brew. Gold/Amber
115SilhillBirmingham, West MidsNorth Star4.5%Hopped porter with chocolate flavours.Dark/Black
116Silver BrewhouseStaveley, DerbyshireBrickworks Bitter4.0%Traditional English bitter with a fruity hop aroma of EKG and Bramling X.Copper/Mid Brown
117Silver BrewhouseStaveley, DerbyshireStephenson Pale4.0%Refreshing English pale ale.Pale/Straw
118Stubbee BreweryBradford, West YorksBonza3.9%A crispish pale ale, malt forward and with quite a subtle orange citrus flavour.Gold/Amber
119Stubbee BreweryBradford, West YorksX Double Dry Hopped4.6%Slightly hazy, tropical fruity pineapple flavours, aromatic.Gold/Amber
120TollgateCalke, LeicsHackney3.9%Zesty, blonde, refreshing ale that is full of flavour despite its lower abv. Brewed with lager malts and Progress, Bobek and Ahtanum hops.Pale/Straw
121TollgateCalke, LeicsAffogato3.4%Vanilla and coffee mild inspired by the Italian dessert. Dark/Black
122Twisted BarrelCoventry, Wset MidsDrones5.2%Easy-drinking American ale with a soft body and tropical stone fruit flavour. A classic dry, moreish finish.Gold/Amber
123UttoxeterUttoxeter, StaffsPadock Porter4.8%Rich on the palate and fruity with hints of dryness and bitterness in a chocolate roast finish.Dark/Black
124Vale of GlamorganBarry, Vale of GlamorganThis Time Next Year Rodney4.1%Thirst quenching East Coast American pale ale aromatic and crisp hoppiness in the finish.Gold/Amber
125Vale of GlamorganBarry, Vale of GlamorganMiami Weiss4.5%American wheat beer, slightly hazy golden colour. Light grainy and citrus aroma. Gold/Amber
126WharfCoggeshall, EssexPuck's Folly4.2%Aroma of caramel, light fruit and hop. Light to medium sweetness and medium bitterness. Light body and slightly oily texture.Gold/Amber
127WharfCoggeshall, EssexNine Feet Underground5.2%Chocolate oatmeal stout. Aroma is smoky, roasted malt, dark chocolate, earthy with liquorice.Dark/Black
128XtremePeterborough, CambsSaXquatch8.6%A bit of a monster! A smooth and deceptive beer with liquorice overtones and a discreet toffee finish.Dark/Black
129XtremePeterborough, CambsChristopher ColumbuX4.3%A summer blonde with single hop Columbus bursting through, with flavours of citrus and black pepper.Pale/Straw
130XtremePeterborough, CambsWeissbier4.7%A classically hazy wheat beer. Hallertau Hersbrucker hop offers a classic German taste.Pale/Straw